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Residential Cleaning Service

It is one difficult affair to juggle between life activities ranging from going to work, school, running daily errands, and performing some activities without forgetting family life. As much as you may want to do your house cleaning, you will probably not have enough time to do it efficiently. Doing some house clean-up when you are always on the move can be quite a task.

Worry not, as this is where our home clean-up team comes into play.

Pennie Overalls is a cleaning service committed to providing excellent cleaning solutions for all residential households.

Shea Halstead, the owner of Pennie Overalls, is dedicated to providing quality cleaning solutions by ensuring that she has the right team on her side. Her vetting style ensures that she gets nothing but the best skills for the job.

Why Professional Cleaning For Residential is Beneficial

Your house is your comfort zone to go to at the end of every day. It is a safe place to spend quality special moments with your family. If you are not out on a trip or vacation, you are in your house. For these reasons, it is only fair to have it clean and cozy at any given moment.

It should be well kept and well maintained to avoid costly future repairs.

All said and done, you do not have to handle all the cleaning by yourself.

Our professional cleaning company is designed to have all your cleaning need taken care of fully. Let our team do your house cleaning as you focus on doing the things that get cozy in your well-maintained home.

Why Hire Professionals?

  • Keeps Allergies Away

The main cause of allergies happens to be dust particles that spread in every corner of the house. Kids and adults as well can develop allergies due to dust. Hiring professional residential cleaning services to keep your home in check gets rid of many dust-related problems. Professional cleaners use high-efficiency filter vacuums to clean all dust in your home. Homeowners should stay outside when the dusting is taking place.

  • Thorough Clean Up

Professional cleaners can do deeper clean. They can deep clean both your bathroom and kitchen and get rid of any harmful bacteria in there. Additionally, they possess the right cleaning tools to make the work easier in hard-to-reach areas.

  • Why Choose Us

Our Priority Is Our Customer Satisfaction

Pennie Overalls residential cleaning services are determined to give the best cleaning services to our esteemed clients. We clearly understand the need to have a well-organized team committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible cleaning services around your home. We believe in letting our good cleaning work speak for us.

  • Experience

Pennie Overalls is a cleaning company that strictly hires individuals mainly based on experience. Shea Halstead, the founder and the owner of the company, insists on experience, for it is with many years of practice one gets quality results and satisfied clients.

  • The Right Cleaning Tools

Every professional cleaning company should have the right cleaning equipment to do the job effectively. Here at Pennie Overalls cleaning company, we have all modern cleaning equipment to help achieve the best cleaning outcome.


14204 23rd Avenue North